Master thesis project

I have been back in Copenhagen since the 30th of January. I moved back into my old room, because I subleased my room during the time I was in Billund.

My first Monday in Denmark was already a busy one. First of all I had an introduction to my current school project what will be my final master thesis project. The project takes up my complete last semester. If I pass this project, I will graduate as a master student in industrial design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. At the moment of writing I am already 8 weeks in my project, so almost half way and everything is on track.

On my first Monday in Denmark I also had a meeting with the Danish company GripGrab. GripGrab is a company that focusses on accessories for cycling and running. I approached the company to work together with them for my master thesis project, because I wanted to do a project that is more aimed towards the area of sports and sportswear. GripGrab wanted to work with me as well on my project, so we had a first meeting on Monday to get to know one another and discuss the brief and direction of the project.

work in progress
Work in progress

So for my master thesis project I will focus on a line of cycling accessories for commuters that will fit within their lifestyle and they want to wear. I will narrow it down by focussing on three target groups in particular.
At the moment I am developing three different concepts directions, so a lot of sketching but GripGrab also provided me with different kinds of material samples so I can get a better hands-on experience as well.

The upcoming weeks I will be working on my master thesis project and I plan on building some prototypes soon also with the help of GripGrab.

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