Summer break

Last week I finished my first year of the master program at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. Now I can start enjoying my summer holiday and find an internship for next semester.

I have completed two courses since my previous post. I had a theory course that had the focus on Genius Loci; the spirit that can be found in a certain space/area. For this course I worked in a small team and we analysed three different areas here in Copenhagen. We did this by doing observations, sketching and collecting material from the areas and afterwards we tried to apply several theories to the places. Overall a more hands-on theory course in comparison to my previous theory course.
My last course was a workshop course in which I visited several places, like the DR concert hall and the Open Air Museum. The visits to the places helped as a source for inspiration and I captured many pictures of details I liked. With this course I also learned to paint different kinds of wood and marble textures on wood. The fun part of the workshop was to work with cement and create textures, colour combinations and reliefs. It was nice to experience how to work with cement and get to know what the possibilities are.

Cement samples
Cement samples from the workshop

After the summer holiday I want to do a 5 month internship. At the moment I have not made a decision yet. I have found a good design studio, Møller-Jensen Innovation og Design, here in Copenhagen. The design studio designs a wide variety of products from medical to consumer products. On the other hand there is LEGO in Billund. I have not received a final answer from LEGO yet, because I recently had a second interview in Billund with LEGO. I was flown in to Billund for the interview from Copenhagen and as a bonus I got some extra time after the interview before I flew back again, so I could visit LEGOLAND.
Now I need to make a decision which path to choose or maybe I will end up with only one path.

LEGOLAND Billund – Nyhavn in LEGO bricks

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