Some interesting things have happened since my previous post.

Rendering of the final concept

First of all I will start with my school project that I finished last week. The general assignment was to design a toy, tool, etc for children with the age from 3 to 6 to help them with their motor development. I did research into this subject by doing several observations at a daycare and gymnastic classes here in Copenhagen. For my project I made the decision to focus on the gross motor skills and emotional skills of children. With this focus I generated ideas that led to two concepts from which I choose one to develop further. The final concept is a toy that will help the children with their motor development through different postures and the emotional skills by letting children share and letting them taking turns. The idea is that there are five compartments with each their own colour and these are filled with the same coloured balls. The children can let the balls out themselves by lifting a ring and by doing so, the balls fall out and spread through the room. The children run around the room, collect the balls and put them back again in the right compartment. I had my presentation last week and received a great result: a 12, just like my first project.

Next to my project there was of course some time to relax. My mum and dad (and Mor) came to visit me for the second time. I tried to show them some other parts of Copenhagen that are not super touristy, but also some nice castles and areas outside Copenhagen. We were really fortunate with the weather, because we had sun and clear skies and no rain.

Mor and Frederiksborg Castle

Another big thing was my paper that I submitted to the SIDeR’14 conference. They accepted my paper, so they published my paper and I needed to give a short presentation about it during the conference in Stockholm. My paper can be found here, you have to scroll down a bit to see the list with papers. So after my final presentation for my school project, I took the evening-train to Stockholm. The next day the conference started and lasted for two days. I had my presentation on the first day and was one of the first to start. The audience mainly consisted out of other students that submitted a paper of their own. It was really interesting to hear about the other papers of the students and speak about it. The conference was a nice experience where I met some new and interesting people and got some new perspectives on several subjects regarding design.
The conference ended on Saturday, but I was not leaving Stockholm until Monday evening. I had Sunday and Monday to walk around Stockholm and see and experience the city. I saw the old town, city hall, the royal palace, went to the Vasa museum and wandered around. On Monday evening I took the train back to Copenhagen.

Next week I will start with a theory course of five weeks. The theory course focus on architecture and spaces.


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