Second semester

It has been a while since my last post from 2013. After my holiday in the Netherlands and a ski trip to Italy, it was time again to head back to Copenhagen on the 5th of January.

Monday the 6th of January I started with my first workshop and had to be at school from 3 to 6 each day. I had four different workshops for four weeks, so each week another workshop. The workshops covered subjects like entrepreneurship, project management, business plan and presentation techniques. The workshops were very relaxing, because there was a lot of listening and some small assignments during the workshops. I learned some new techniques and heard some interesting/inspiring information.
In the meantime I also had some extra time to explore the city and finally went to have a look at the Danish Design Museum. I also did spend some more time on riding my bike and explore beyond the city, but sometimes the winter cold made me return more quickly to heat up my feet again. Next to that, my sister came to visit me as well last weekend.

Danish Design Museum

I completed the first semester after the four workshops. I received all the points needed to complete the firs semester. I also received some feedback for my paper that I have written for the theory course. I recently submitted my paper to the SIDeR’14 conference. There is the chance that my paper gets accepted for the conference and will be published.

Up next is of course my second semester, which already started on the 3rd of February. I am doing a 10 week project and have the assignment to design a toy, tool, vehicle, etc. for children with the age from 3 to 6 to help them with their motor development. Right now I am in the research phase and trying to come up with a focus for the further process of my project.


3 thoughts on “Second semester

  1. Hi Mix, Good luck on your research – always an exciting & inspirational time with lots of creative bubbles :) How define to have that time to think out of the box and to create whatever you want in your head? It’s a true gift. Later on in the proces you can always make the dreams of your designs functional hihi.. A true artist is my Mixie! Proud :) xxx big hug x taja

  2. Hi mate. Proud of you and I am sure you will become a creative designer with all your international education and experience. We will be back in CPH when the weather gets warmer to further explore the city and surroundings!

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