Christmas holiday

Rainy Copenhagen Airport

At the moment of writing I am just back in the Netherlands. I have a three week holiday, due to courses that were overlapping each other. So I have the regular Christmas holiday plus one week extra.

By now I have finished my theory course and handed in my paper for it. For the theory course I could pick a subject of my own choice and write a 10 page paper about it. This required the necessary reading of other (scientific) papers and books and spending many hours on the internet searching for information. I chose the subject: sketching in the design process. I personally like to sketch, but I also noticed that there is a difference in the way each designer uses sketching. I redefined my subject to sketching and idea generation and if one can generate more ideas with the help of sketching in comparison without the ability to sketch. Finally I did some small experiments and used these together with the other papers I had read to write my own paper.
For now it is only for school, but I am planning to submit my paper to SIDeR’14, a design conference for students. Until then I will wait for the feedback I will receive from my supervisor. I will keep you up-to-date and there would be the opportunity to read a final version of my paper.

About a week ago I also finished with the first module of the Danish classes. I had to do a small oral exam in which I did an one minute presentation about myself, reply on questions about the presentation and finally I had to ask questions about a random picture. I was able to use all the things that I have learned during all my previous Danish lessons. I passed the exam and now I officially speak Danish on a module one level. Next year I will continue with module two of the Danish lessons.

Up next are a series of workshops until the new semester will start on the 3rd of February. The workshops are varying from presentation technique to entrepreneurship. For now I will enjoy my holiday and wish you all a merry christmas and good new year.

Snowman in the garden

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